Travelling Uninsured – Just Not Worth Risk

On a recent flight home from a lovely sunny holiday, we had not been up in the air more than 10 minutes when an emergency arose a couple of rows in front of me, actually in the seats set aside for the fit folk to help anyone else off.  The coffee trolley had just gone past when all cabin crew appeared to dash back to row 5.  A woman was now looking very poorly and her husband was sitting anxiously wringing his hands ad unable to give a straight reply to “and who are you insured with Sir . . . . ”   He said he didn’t know, his wife did all that.  Things got much worse and we had to divert to Amsterdam so she could be taken off to hospital.  The panic on that man’s face when the Dutch authorities entered the plane . . .  that’s going to be one huge legal battle to get all those costs paid.  The airline will claim through the british courts.