Trying To Sneak Abroad Without Adequate Travel Insurace

I was  amazed to hear someone I thought I knew fairly well say she wasn’t going to tell her travel insurance company that she’s having a lot of leg pain & is awaiting a steroid jab and has asked for assisted passage.  I know she’s flying over here shortly is generally not able to walk much.  I have to admit this lady is possibly one of the least active folk I know.  Her idea of strenuous exercise is going down to her garage, taking the car out and driving to the store, exiting the store and walking back to the car . . .  If there’s any danger of her having to exert any additional exercise, then my contact is more likely to opt out of that scheme and do a completely different thing.    I try to be understanding but it’s hard.  I have aches and pains – a huge part of my morning routine is just getting moving to start with but I do all the bending & stretching and try hard to keep going.  I also take out full travel insurance – I notify them when anything has changed on my record.  I pay for upgrades when needed.  I was on a flight a few years ago when a women had a diabetic melt down. Very serious.  The plane had to divert to a european airport to have her taken off.  It was clear there was a major doubt about their travel insurance.  That would have been one mighty hefty bill!