Dealing With Very Specialist Breach of Contract

Within the very wide ranging types of court in UK, there are some most interesting sub sections.  Take the high court for example, which hears cases of the most serious administrative, civil and family cases.  It has three divisions, King’s Bench, Family and Chancery.    Looking at Kings Bench Diviison (KBD) is the biggest of these 3 and has a full complement of 71 High Court Judges and thisi s administered in the central office of the stunningly gorgeous Royal Courts of Justice just off the Strand in London.   The KBD deals with ‘common’ law civil claims which means cases that relate to contracts (some eceptions to this), and claims ealing with civil wrongs – known as ‘torts’.

Some of this work on civil wrongs ;tors’ are cases that are too complex for the Cunty Court through complexity or cost issues.    Some of these breach of contract issues – include failure to pay a conracted amount and maybe false imprisonment, wrongs against property and trespass.    The judges in KBD also preside over cases of special application for a judicial review – which are cases which seek to estblish if decisions made by the government and other public bodies have been made using the correct interpretation of the law.