Ski Accidents, Simple Enough But Unusual Court Actions

The family pet is never usually considered as a likely source of legal action, especially action that can lead to a court case.    I look back on days when I owned a gorgeous ginger cat.  I don’t remember Tommy ever having caused me any trouble.  I have relatives who own dogs, several of them – now errant dogs can be more likely to cause these problems.   Let’s say one of the dogs runs out of the front door and trips someone up on the pavement, this is a very serious matter.  In fact there is a case going through the US courts where a celebrity is being accused of having crashed into a skier on a novice ski run – the claimant has not made a good recovery and his family is now making a personal injury claim with a huge compensation request.  There are many different views on this – the several layers of top class lawyers are really showing how complex a simple mishap can become.