Much Loved Pets Need Insurance Cover Too

The small and sometimes very nutty problem of insurance crept up on us recently – pet insurance primarily.  Firstly the pet – an ancient dog who has given years of unquestioning loyalty and uncopromising love.  Their needs suddenly become the centre of your world when that happy face crumples in pain or fright when something goes wrong.  This when you dash to the vet for diagnosis and then reach out for your household pet plan and hope desperately that you kept it up to date.  It is esential to check with the vet how much something is likely to cost overall – they are generall a good guide to the workings of pet insurance and you do get a feeling their fee will fit within your pet plan – not many folk can afford to pay for operations of several thousand pounds otherwise.   The vet had an early idea what the problem could and this was confirmed a few days after the blood tests were sent off.  Lukemia is devasting for everyone, and not being able to tell the poor dog was awful.  But he’s now on steroids and other medication, which so far has been met under the pet plan.