Debunking & Defaming In Rich Celeb Culture

We can always find something amusing to read in the gossip columns – the ins and outs of other peoples’ lives are more fascinating, the more famous the parties are.  We’ve recently been entertained by two actors whose marriage sadly disintegrated early on and the repercussions in the courts – one party having brought a defamation case against the other with a reported $50M compensation sought.  We have different laws in UK and it’s not at all clear that the case would have played out in the same manner if it went through our legal processes.  However it does highlight that however important and famous a person thinks they are, unless they behave in an almost saintly fashion all their lives, they could well become unstuck in a US court of law should they say something out of place about another person in the spotlight.  Or they need to have ‘receipts’, the new name for documentary or online evidence to cement their own case.