Pet Insurance Is Much More Inclusive Nowadays

One of the biggest problems for pet owners thse days is the worry of pets becoming either ill and needing massive vet bills to be met, or their beloved pet runing amok and damaging someone or thing.  In days of yore, neighbours would have tuttd and moaned about the damage side of things, assuming they just got up, evntually and brushed themselves down.  Now though the insurance companies make it sound in their adverts as though you can claim for absolutely anything – this is not exactly the case but pet cover can be quite extensive now.  I know someone who has quite an expensive policy and it pays out a certain amount annually for various conditions and another amount or up to for diagnostic procedures.  My pal’s old pooch has lukemia –  I can’t imagine how this was discovered.  However, it doesn’t seem to be uirte4 as life shortening as theat diagnosis is in humans – her bestie has sterioid treatment to keep him upright.  The insurance company paid for the diagnosis and those tess but she has to meet all the medication bills.