Village Gossip Creates Real Who Dunnit Scenario

We have a visiting hairdresser call regularly to do everyone’s short back and sides . . .  It’s always a joy to hear her cheery little voice pipe up above the racket usually going on around us.  Being a visitor to many other houses, it’s great to hear her tales of the mishaps and misfortunes of many of her clients.    I was staggered at the things people tell her.  I have to say that it always used to be the village post mistress who held sway with oodles of gossip before.  My reason for mentioning the hairdresser’s tales is that you never know when you’re going to need a solicitor.  One of her tales was about a couple known to us and another couple in another village.  Extra curricular visiting had been going on between one part from each shall we say.  Well when the respective wife found out, my word the repercussions were devastating for all.  A family law solicitor was indeed needed and one who was very astutue