The Judges Tell It How It Is

We really do see the differences in our legal systems when you read about certain cases in the US compared to similar actions over here.  There has been one civil case running here looking at a certain former high profile party who left UK to live in the states.  He now says he can’t bring his wife and children to visit UK because they won’t be safe without a lot of armed metropolitan police protection . . . .  Our police protection is not for hire or buy.  The person’s attorney keeps whittling on about many things for their client but the bottom line is he has his own money and pays for private security in the US, they travel about in gas guzzling SUVs and turn up to protect them.  However the complainant is often seen out at sports events, amid a huge auditorium, laughing and chatting without any worry of security – he has no obvious body guards sitting nearby and seems to enjoy total freedom, when it suits him and he forgets to make a fuss.  The judge in the London case has already told his leagal team that they need to take stock and move on.