Flight Redirection Causes Massive Legal Headache

It’s incredible how many things we have in our household that could possibly need to have legal cover at some stage.  Or at least some sort of insurance cover.   Take travel insurance – I was witness to the start of a big case now on its way through the courts.  I was flying home from the med, an older couple got on before me and within 10 minutes  of actually taking off, madam was taken ill and needed cabin staff to give assistance via the Captain in the cockpit.  I didn’t know that once that plane door has shut, you don’t own yourself or your travelling family, you become the property and responsibility of the airline whilst onboard and flying.   This lady had a diabetic meltdown and needed lots more inssulin and oxygen than the plane had been stock with.  The woman was desperately ill within an hour.  Eventually we had to divert and land at Amsterdam for more insulin and oxygen.  Then the crew were over their hours.  In the end we had to wait til a fresh lane had come out from Manchester to rescue us and the poor old crew.  The coule at the epicentre did not appear to have travel insurance . . .  Wooh terrifying costs ahead for them.