Festive Season Not Always A Family Treat

Ahh the summer period has passed and we are well into autumn and heading at lightning speed towards the end of the festive season and end of year celebrations.   For most families this is truly a time of joyful reunions and much is made of joining families for sing songs and present giving.   There are however many families where this is not a welcome thing.  So many delicate relationships are made all the more broken and shattered by these festivities which cause stress.  The sheer cost of trying to provide presents for the children and each other – then there is the food and drink side of it.  Our nativity season is so completely opposite to the original one,  very basic stable for Mary to give birth and absolutely no frills to be seen.   I do wonder sometimes what the main character would say if he came down now and had to witness the sheer glutony and selfishness that abounds around the ‘time of joy’.   Many a divorce is started because of the stress it causes to the vulnerable couples.  Family law solicitors are needed most in the first months of the year – for a reason.