Marriage & Mayhem Need The Legal Eagles

There may be all sorts of mayhem going on around the world as far as panic and epidemical virus is concerned.  There will be many cases ahead where vile pople who ar caught profiteering from everyone elses’ discomfort may actually be named and shamed, if not actually prosecuted.     There will always be a large section of the community for whom a disaster is a wonderful window of sales and marketing opportunity.  In fact one young chap runs a sports outfit and realising the run on hand gel was one such opportunity, brought a huge consignment in by courier and it selling it at about 3 times the usual price. People are really stupid for buying it.  It’s not that effective but they panic & think they need it.  The action by the young man is not in itself illegal but the authorities were very slow to tell people to be fair and kind and not to be selfish.  There may be many a friendship broken over these months and I know of many an already fractious marriage that probably may struggle to survive.   Even the best family law specialists are going to have some battles on their books when the dust settles and this worldwide malais lifts!