Legal Issues to Consider When Setting Up a Business

It is exciting coming up with ideas for running your own business, but without the correct legal advice, it can be a bit of a minefield!  Prevention is certainly better than a cure.  A specialised business solicitor can advise you on potential legal problems and help you to take the correct steps to prevent problems before they happen.  This will protect you from risk and potentially save you money in the longer term.

Cash Flow

This is an important aspect of any business.  A solicitor can help protect you against bad debts by ensuring you have the right contracts written up with customers and suppliers.


Your business might expose you to any number of risks relating to the premises, employees, assets and visitors.  You can get advice about the different risks you might need to insure against.


Buying a ready made busines might seem like an appealing option, however it may come with previous liabilities that you are unaware of!  A solicitor can help you deal with common problems associated with franchising a business.