Buying a New Home – What is Conveyancing?

Buying a home is a really exicting time, but it can be incredibly confusing, especially for first time buyers.  Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property from seller to buyer.  This can take some time, depening on how many buyers and sellers are involved, and it can take weeks or months to go through.

A solicitor helps you to buy your home, explaining the steps involved and helping to resolve any legal issues which arise.  The solicitor will carry out various investgations and searches for you and your mortgage lender to ensure you know as much about the property as you can before you buy it.  If anything odd is found, they will let you know and help advise on the actions you should take.

The solicitor organises the contracts which are exchanged when you buy a house.  This involves arranging for you to enter into a binding agreement (the contract) for the purchase between you and the vendor.  There will be a set date for the purchase to be completed.  The solicitor takes the necessary steps to complete the purchase, including transferring the funds.  This is when you get the keys to your new home!