Knowing Judicial System Only When Needed

When we first grow up, we probably don’t think we’ll ever need the law to sort out problems of any sort.  Obviously we cannot predict whether we’ll find ourselves in courts over a misdemeanour or someone else’s;  maybe we have a family issue where children are involved and it gets to a point where solicitors are engaged to sort out the wrangling.   The legal system in our country is very well established and looked up to by almost every other country around the world.  The judiciary – judges, recorders, magistrates etc are impartial and work completely independently of the government.    The different tiers of the court sytem is baffling at first but as you cannot get a court case of any sort without going through a solicitor first, and then as needed, a barrister,  everyday member of the public doesn’t need to know the ins and outs – unless required to attend their day in court.   Knowing that breaking the law, doing very unsociable activities and messy divorces will generally get you finding your way round the system quickly enough.