Legal Cover To Resolve Neighbourly Pet Disputes

Having pets was not something we were able to enjoy when I was a youngster – our mum was not keen and only allowed our cat to move in when she became a regular visitor – living on until she was 17.  We knew lots of pals with a family dog or two and I was always sorry we couldn’t enjoy what seemed to be endless fun and games in the holiday times.  Now that I’m not that envious teenager, I have access to two splendid dogs that very contentedly reside with close family.  They have bought pet insurance ‘just in case’.  The many and various cases where insurance is needed these days makes that necessar.  Not only from the vetinerary side of things, which in itself is frightening, but so easy for awkward incidents between neighbours to run into dispute – legal cover always a very good option to buy in to to ensure legal assistance is available whenever needed.