Home Working Woes A Plenty

During lockdowns 1 & 2 there were apparently many divorce applications started in this country.  It’s probably the case all over the world whee there’s been similar covid-19 lockdown.  When you’re used to having your own timetable, with space allotted to  your own jobs, pastimes, activities etc. and then this is thrown assunder by suddenly having one or more of the family around you 24/7, it can be a tremendous shock to the system – for everybody.  Youngsters are always hapy to miss out on a school day, nothing changes there, but after a little while the fun starts to wear off and they’re hanging around hopelessly looking fo more food, entertainments etc.  It is a genuinely stressful time for parents who are charged with the responsibility of providing the online education their child needs.  It’s also chaotic from a supply point of view because evereyone all logging on at the same time and less robust internet supplies keep going down quickly – so frustrating!