Restoring Best Legal Reputation After Transition

There has been much talked about in the press about the problems surrounding brexit.  All the changes that will have to take place after the transition period when we are no longer governed by the laws of the eu.  It still doesn’t actually seem real even though it’s only a matter of days away.  We have an even more pressing problem just now – with the viral pandemic now mutating into different strains.  With the UK being badly affected – or are we …..  Lots of european countries are now halting transportation into our ports and flights are being halted.  Who would have thought back in March that even if brexit didn’t bring us to our knees, the viral problem may well do that!  We need robust laws of our own and practitioners who know exactly how to apply them.  There will be a vast amount of transition time needed for our country to get used to the new systems but we’ve always had the strongest and most respected legal system in the world and that must surely be restored. In time.