More Litigation Requires Who’s Who Of Solicitors

Being a local solicitor can make for quite an interesting career.  Not just the dealing with property conveyancing , although much of the time will be spent on that.  There are also the swearing of oaths, drawing up and handling of family wills and estates.  And of course, divorce and complicated family matters. . . .These are the meat on the bones of a local law practice.  One usually asks around for a good solicitor in these circmstances and every family will have had dealings with one at some time or another.    The better the service , the longer their name stays in the collective memory.  We are becoming almost as litigation mad as the US – every family over thre seems to have an attorney in the back cupboard – almost on standby if you believe the tv programmes we have broadcast to us.     One thing we do have more now is legal cover on our household insurance policies – at one time this was an add on but now companies are throwing it in as an almost essential item.