Friendly Solicitor So Welcome At Time Of Loss

This year end our family has experienced the passing of the last grandparent. It was a strangely peaceful end to a right old struggle for old boy concernced.  The poor old chap suffered two or three mild heart attacks and was taken to the local A&E where we gathered once it became obvious this wasn’t a repeat of a recent false alarm. . . . In fact the passing was noticeably fuss free.  Granpa wasn’t linked to any machinery and so we didn’t notice him slip away until we realised he hadn’t coughed or made any noise for a while.  Because he died within hours of presentation, the coroner was involved before a death certificate could be issued.  Now comes the legal bit – sorting out a fairly simple will and last testament.    It was comforting to have that nice young chap quietly and unhurriedly going over the will line by line to check who were executors and all the other everyday matters he’s so familiar with but for the family, all new stuff to get our heads around.  This is when you really appreciate the training that solicitors undertake – so they can get our affairs sorted and put away without fuss.