Our Every Day Lives Depend On Legal Eagles

When youconsider the many things that make our lives flow smoothly, there are a number of legally bound issues that make it run smoothly.  We grow up and eventually earn enough to start buying a property – this will require the services of a legally licensed conveyancer at the very least, but more often still, the family solicitor firm.   The money involved for this purchase will have been saved and the mortgage provided by legally qualified accountants and executives.   Once we have our mortgage offer and sign that contract, we need to be fully insured – against anything happening to the house before that mortgage is paid off, it’s not our house until then.  We also need some form of life insurance to ensure the mortgage payers are covered should the very worst thing happen and one or all die.   A will should be taken out by the buyers so that the family affairs can be sorted out – your estate needs to have a clear basis on how to share it out, the rules of intestacy are very complex and further nightmares beyond the personal pain will make it much worse otherwise.    So even though we don’t think legally all day, it covers every aspect of our lives and thus creates many a career.