Cost Of Shockingly High Pet Passpports

There are all sorts of things in place now to allow for families to travel abroad and take their pets with them.  My best chum from the next village now has a dog – first time fr some years.   They also have a house in France and a flat in Germany, so there are ample opportunities for taking the new love of their lives on little jaunts throughout the year.   This all seemed very straightforward to them when they were discussing the prospect of rehoming their german shepherd cross . . . . however once they’d got their own pcr legals sorted, they set about getting pooch certified.  They call it a pet passport, involving several trips to the vet and having various jabs to protect against several awful things pets can  have over there, which we  have not suffered here for generations.   Amazingly our Island nation has managed to maintain it’s healthy pet status.  The cost of these pet passports though is astronomical – about £138 per pet every trip.