When Family Divisions Mean Just That

Managing relationships is tricky unless one is gifted with an absolutely saintly and laid back disposition.  There will always be those times when you feel aggrieved with something your partners has spouted – perhaps an ill timed joke or vehment resistance to a much cherished dream – causing it to never come to fruition.   There are also likely to be conflicts along the way where offspring are concerned.  Now here’s a challenging balance to be struck from the word go in that Mum will have been out in the work place for perhaps years, before 001 comes along.   Then after the initial fuss and excitement of the arrival, the rather more mundane cycle of life clocks in… with a little resentment on both sides – Mum feels hard done by as she’s by now sleep deprived,  desperately tired and missing ssensible conversations with her colleagues from the office.   Dad because Mum is constantly tured and never in the mood for the kissing and cuddling side of life.   When things cannot be reconciled, a good lawyer able to  steer a clear route through these likely pitfalls is one of the ‘must haves’ in the phone book!