Compensation Culture Damaging Reputations

There are many different types of insurance cover these days – with the upsurge in litigation constantly a threat.  At once time if you had a falling out with a neighbour, there would be a few harsh words said but eventually everything blew over and that was that.  In today’s society it is more difficult as folk see companies advertising on tv and in the media offering to handle claims for almost anything imaginable giving folk an unrealistic sensation of always being the injured party and thus worth compensation.  There are problems with this way of grabbing business – it is tarnishing the reputation proper responsible legal firms.  The government put a sort of stop on the compensation culture of ‘ambulance’ chasers but these were replaced with ‘travel problem’ claims and now ‘wayward pets’ have their own claims going into courts.  No win – no fee doesn’t always mean what it says and care needs to be taken.