Benefitting From Free Conveyancing Offers

There are some points about being the local solicitor – maybe based in the nearest market town – that can be very comforting to clients.  The older client probably knows you through their family instructing you in the past.  Perhaps someone had to attend court and had dealings with your firm along the way.   In most cases a law firm will be known locally because of the conveyancing they do on the many and varied property exchanges that occur throughout the year.   There are thousands of houses being constructed at the moment and every single one has to have at least one conveyancing activity carried out.  Most first time buyers take up the offer of free conveyancing that comes from the developer – there shouldn’t be anything at all complicated with a new house exchange and it is a small token to thank the buyer for their business.  The local firms compete to be the conveyancing company as it gets their name known for future reference.