A Good Solicitor Avoids Big Chancel Surprise

A family solicitor is going to be involved in a very wide range of subjects – there can be the general house conveyancing which is the mainstay of any practice these days.  It requires someone with great knowledge too – not just a case of ticking boxes, it needs an expert in checking small print when it comes to odd things that crop up during a house sale and exchange.   Someone I know bought their dream house in a tiny country village that has no shops, pub or church.  It came as a surprise when their conveyancing solicitor suggested they take out chancel insurance.  He had been involved years before in a case where a local village church made claim on all the houses in the village two miles away – because it needed chancel repairs and they had been built on dioscese catchment land.  The insurance indemnity was £150 but the cost to those householders had been £30K each. Good knowledge.