Explosion In Drug Abuse Calls For Legal Specialisms

There have been some spectacular cases going through the courts lately – from female journalists taking the BBC to tribunals for discrimination to many more motoring offences being prosecuted.  Years ago it was usual to give a felon a bit of a talking to with the expectation that he would go on his way, suitably admonished, never to comit that crime again.  That has proved to be optimistically naive and we are left with thousands of more serious cases a week.  The sheer number of drug related offences are completely out of control now.  Drug abuse is obviously a life choice and yet the number of youngsters getting into these terrible states is steadily rising year on year.  As soon as the law starts to get a grip on numbers, the drug pushers find another product to entice the idiots and it starts all over again.  Specialisms in all jurisdictions are needed these days.