La La Land Lands Legal Punch For Sex Pests

There are so many strange stories hitting the headlines at the moment.  Currently we have the matter of sex pest stories about one very very important member of the ating / directing fraternity.  The allegations are mainly that many a young starlet was made to feel she had to take part in acticities she didn’t want to, in order to be chosen to play a particular role in a film.  It would be a blockbuster movie and bring with it all the luxuries that instant, massive stardom does seem to bring.  Unless handled correctly.  There does seem to be a strange ripple or domino effect here, in tha one disguntled lady spoke out in Autumn last year and instead of being shut down by the industry, as has presumably always happened previously, she has got hundreds of other starlets going back decades, to speak out.  We can only assume this is a tremendous case for many a lawyer!