Going to Court and the Use of a Solicitor

If you are attending court for any reason, it might be a good time to have a solicitor with you.  A criminal law solicitor can advise you about your pleading options (whether you are guilty or not guilty) to the charge.  They can advise you about the likely sentence you may face if you are found, or plead guilty.

If you are pleading not guilty, the solicitor will help you to understand the legal procedures and help you prepare your side of the story, so you have a fair trial.  They can help you understand the evidence that the police and the prosecution are presenting against you, and will gather any evidence which supports your case.

Solicitors can also help by contacting witnesses or seeking expert reports to challenge the evidence against you.  There may be some cases when they suggest instructing an advocate – a barrister or solicitor advocate who present your case for you in court.