Fraudulent Sickness Claimants Getting Caught Out

There has been much in the news recently about a seriously lousy scheme to get all inclusive holiday makers to put in claims for ‘sickness abroad’.  There have been touts sitting on park benches and infiltrating hotel complexes.  They prey on pensioners and families who look gullible and suggest a very easy and ‘legal’ way to make enough money out of the travel firm and the hotel, to have several more holidays paid for.   It involved contacting the holiday insurers as soon as they got home, submitting a claim for hotel based sickness compensation.  Until a very recent change in the law, they didn’t even need a doctor referal or any evidence other than a receipt for a pharmacy purchase of any product known to aid in tummy upsets.   There were thousands of fraudulent claims – some have been proven to be faud and the culprits jailed.  Not enough though!