Fees In Then Fees Out – Totally Unecessary Upheaval

There have been some massive changes in the legal system of late.  In 2013 one major hiccup was the implementation of a fees payable to bring a claim in the employment tribunal.  These tribunals were intended to be simple, not so legally paralysing for the man on the street, the idea of having to pay fees came as a slap in the face – especially for the unions.  It was obvious that although unions would still encourage members to follow the legal route whenever they couldn’t resolve issues through normal mediation, they then had to become very particular about which cases they chose to support and fund.   Naturally the drop in new claims resulted in closing and merging of tribunals and huge reductions in staffing.  A pity as very recently the Suprme Court ruled that this implementation of fees has to be withdrawn – so all that expensive change has to be reversed again very quickly.