Daytime TV Inspires Many A Legal Eagle Career

Ther are many programmes out there on day time tv that cover so many different subjects – it is quite a good way for youngsters to think about what they might like to do when they ‘grow up’.  We have documentaries on every conceivable police activity – from those that wear body cameras and we see them making arrests and sorting out many a fracas at a weekend.  Then there are the visitations of sherrifs’ men to collect unpaid debts – we see the seamier side of the law breakers who feel that can just have someones else’s goods or services but not have to bother paying for them.  The ones we see generally are the successful outcomes.  It restores faith in the court system in this country in that if someone owes you money and you have proof of the transactions leading up to this, a fee to the small claims court can get this sorted.