Checking Covenants On Any Land Deals

Where used to I live on a nicely laid out family estate there were never too many noisy scrapping pets to worry about.   There was the usual sprinkling of dogs, cats and I imagine hamsters etc.  These generally only cause neighbourhood disputes when the owners are selfish and kleave animals to fend for themselves – which they do in the only way they know. . . by barking endlessly and by scavenging.   The only time when litigation is called for is if unattended animals cause noise by barking or acting aggressively.   I remember talking to a chap up the road who used to keep chickens;  I was not a fan because I’d seen the devastation left by foxes in a previous location.   The chap explained that if families kept their hen house well secured, raised it off the ground without easy access to foxes, they shouldn’t really have any problems.  The only sticking point for him was the matter of a convenant on the deeds – it clearly states that no livestock be raised on these domestic plots and he went to court to have this covenant removed.