Care Needed With Conveyancing Outside England

The difference in ways we carry out conveyancing in countries is an interesting point.  I am only really familiar with the long winded but generally satisfactory way our solicitors handle things here in England.   I’ve not bought or sold properties anywhere else, but looking at several lifestyle programmes that feature Scotland for example, it’s obvious you have to tread more cautiously up there to ensure you don’t get ensnared in a contract to buy or sell that you’re not ready to commit to. There are far reaching differences in the way offers are handed out and accepted up there where house purchase/sales are concerned.   This appears to be much the same in France too.  A good pal has just sold one house and bought a villa – all very quickly and smoothly.   Once you name your price, there is no negotiation – that is the price you sell at and there’s no gazumping or backing out!