A Legal Tale Of Intrique On Local Doorstep

When choosing where to practice once qualified as a solicitor, you want somewhere that can offer excitement to liven up the mundane stuff . . . . . I have been following a very odd case going through the courts over a couple of years – connected with a tiny village in a home county.  It’s a tale beginning with the death of a teacher who’d retired from a well known public school.  On first glance there was only a slight suspicion that it wasn’t an entirely natural death because of the strange terms of his will which left the use of his house to a young chap for as long as he wanted it then it all would be returned to the family.  Shortly after this surprise came the death of another pensioner up the road.  The unfolding police enquiries and subsequent court reports have been more interesting than any book.  which just goes to prove that a legal career in practice out in the sticks can be much more lively than one might suppose!