Hard Work & Fairer System Allows Dreams To Succeed

We live in a very different world to the one I grew up in. Very conventional and predictable.  You went to school, if bright, on to grammer school and university.  If bright but unable to address exams adequately, then you were destined for secondary modern school and a fairly modest job at the end of it.  But there were always jobs.  The old boys’ network which unfairly applied to most of the upper class positions – allowing a rise through ranks through fellows to recommend and assist has just about disappeared.     These days there is far more fairness and democracy throughout a child’s school life and on through university.  They have to earn their stripes with their own merit and work.   But they can dream of a glittering Oxbridge place and greatness in absolutely any career they choose.  Hard work and application to the task gets the results.  Worlds and oysters come to mind.